Of Robots, People and Grace

There have been plenty of kids who have wished that life could be forever about building robots with Legos and Erector Sets. For Matt Fitzgerald, life looks a bit like that.

After graduating from the University of Alabama as one of the top engineering students, Matt gained experience at American Cast Iron Pipe Company. Then he launched out with a partner to create Fitz-Thors Engineering, a company focused on designing and building robotic systems and other custom equipment used in manufacturing and the auto industry.

But for Matt and his wife Joanna, the business is more than about building machines. It’s also about building into people. The Fitzgeralds recognize their first calling is to love and lead people in ways that help them experience the love and grace of God. Matt’s company has grown from the two founders to over 25 people.

At Steel City Community Church, they use his fabrication skills and Joanna’s design talents for things like the church’s logo and signs. And they love to get their kids Grace and Eli involved in greeting folks as they arrive. But ministry doesn’t stop when Monday rolls around.

fitzgeraldsFitz-Thors Engineering is more than a business. It’s the place God’s provided for the Fitzgeralds to serve the employees’ families with meaningful, challenging work and adequate resources to care for their families. Along with the robots, Matt is building up people by extending the grace of God’s expanding Kingdom in his sphere of influence.

How is God using your workplace to show and share God’s grace?

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