Come to the Table

lords-supperFor weeks now, Steel City Community Church has been exploring the Old Testament. Far from being an antiquated, irrelevant history book, we’ve seen the Story of God come alive from Creation to Christ. It seems only fitting that for the final week of our series, we’ll be sharing two meals together on a special Sunday away from our normal location at the Botanical Gardens. (Their annual antique show needs the space.)

Two meals? One’s a brunch. There’s nothing like breaking bread together (along with other goodies) to bring people together. Being connected as a community is part of what Steel City wants to be known for.

The other meal, a symbolic one, will be the Lord’s Supper or communion. Steel City was always intended to be more than a social club of connected friends. The Story of God reveals that each of us was created for a relationship with Him: a relationship none of us deserve. Steel City is a community of people changed forever because of what Christ has done.

The bread and wine served during the Lord’s Supper remind us that what we couldn’t do for ourselves, God, through His Son Jesus Christ, did for us. Christ’s death was the keeping of God’s Promise to restore our relationship with him.

Now that’s something to celebrate together. See you at the table.

PS. If you’re unfamiliar with God’s Story, we recommend you spend 14 minutes watching this beautiful animated short, called “Creation to Christ”. You’ll understand why we’re celebrating.

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