Christmas in Tirana

At Christmas, we are reminded of the heavenly messengers that came to announce our Savior’s birth. They arrived in what seemed like an insignificant, out of the way place; in a field full of shepherds and sheep. For many serving as “sent ones” around the world, there can be a sense that God has asked them to do the same.

alba-mmap-mdWe have partnered for years with the Graves as they serve in a very different part of the world: Albania. (See Operation Word for Prayer Information on this country. They are trainers for the GoMission Institute, teach English to the students to help them be ready for serving internationally, work to develop partnerships with international churches and provide administrative help and leadership. But to those around them, they are the living reminder of God’s Good News.

unnamedAfter a recent visit back in the US, they returned their home in Tirana to find a damaged roof on their little home allowing rain to damage their belongings and interior. While repairs are being made and goods are being replaced, their main need is for the roof. Steel City wants to prepare a gift of $3000 for them to get a new roof rather than repairing the old one.

unnamed-1Simply make out a check with the word “Roof” in the memo at the bottom of your check and we’ll be sure to include your gift with those of others from Steel City to provide assistance to the Graves. Imagine the number of times the Graves will be able to tell the story of a church half way around the world that cares for His servants in Albania. Their roof will be a “door” for the Good News!

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