Pancake Breakfast Volunteers Needed!

Steve Gaydosh is once again organizing the Steven Morris/Heart of Dixie Tournament Breakfast for high school athletes from around the country. The event will take place in the Vestavia Hills HS cafeteria on Friday Dec 30. Volunteers are needed to help cook and serve. We will meet at the high school at 6:00 to begin…read more.

Christmas in Tirana

At Christmas, we are reminded of the heavenly messengers that came to announce our Savior’s birth. They arrived in what seemed like an insignificant, out of the way place; in a field full of shepherds and sheep. For many serving as “sent ones” around the world, there can be a sense that God has asked…read more.

Of Robots, People and Grace

There have been plenty of kids who have wished that life could be forever about building robots with Legos and Erector Sets. For Matt Fitzgerald, life looks a bit like that. After graduating from the University of Alabama as one of the top engineering students, Matt gained experience at American Cast Iron Pipe Company. Then…read more.

Come to the Table

For weeks now, Steel City Community Church has been exploring the Old Testament. Far from being an antiquated, irrelevant history book, we’ve seen the Story of God come alive from Creation to Christ. It seems only fitting that for the final week of our series, we’ll be sharing two meals together on a special Sunday…read more.

Expect the Unexpected

Think you’re too busy to get involved in serving people around you? Think again. Donald’s a busy guy. Work responsibilities. Family responsibilities. And all the other stuff that fills in the cracks that are left. But even busy guys have to eat. On a lunch break, heading through the drive-through at Mickey D’s, Donald noticed…read more.