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A Welcoming Community

Our stations in life are as varied as the colors you find when you gather with us at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  Whether finding yourself far away from God or running hard after Him, you will find Steel City to be a safe place to seek answers to life’s most meaningful questions.

You might even find that we raise some questions you hadn’t even thought to ask.  We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we will walk with you through your own journey with God because people have done, and are doing, the same with us.

Meet Our Team

We are a refreshingly authentic group of Christ-followers with no expectations except that you come as you are.  If real people trying to make sense out of living in a real world is where you find yourself, you will fit right in.

We are not a community led by full-time, paid professionals, but one where each member of our leadership team serves out of passion for God and for people, and where our teaching is relevant because every leader has their own, very demanding, full-time job where they are desperately trying to figure out how to thrive as they do life God’s way in their own sphere of influence.

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Children’s Ministry

But when you come, you need to keep you head on a swivel and on the lookout for the most authentic bunch on campus – our Sproutz and Lil’ Sproutz!   Engaging and equipping the next generation to effectively navigate life in their spheres of influence is what keeps our Sproutz leadership team up at night!

In today’s world, life can be tough for a kid, and while their questions may be different, most of them are trying to make sense out of the things life has brought their way.

What Is The Church?

The value of Steel City cannot be measured by its gatherings alone, but by the impact of its scattering into the world through service as a result of its gathering. Both coming together and going out are essential in developing reflecting the true nature of the church; being the tangible reminder of God’s presence in our world. Hugh Halter wrote a book recently called “And”. The video linked here is meant to do more than promote the book… it is a visual reminder of our vision for our community.

'And- The Gathered and Scattered Church' by Hugh Halter, Matt Smay